The Creationist God

I have a lot of problems with Creationism, but I think one of the biggest ones is the God that they portray.  He just seems so SMALL!

He strikes me as this old guy, down in his basement with a huge model train layout or diorama that he putters with.

“Hmmm, lets put a couple of more trees over here, this hilltop looks a little thin.” Or maybe, “Lets bury a few of those ‘dinosaur’ bones to give ’em something to think about.”  And while he is shaping up the hillside, ooops, a little rockslide.  Or maybe a burp of thunder.  Or a tornado that only kills the people He really wants to kill, sparing the lucky others.

A bit like “The Man Upstairs” in the Lego Movie or even the person who puts the people in their plastic chairs in Billy Collins’ poem “Some Days.”  Not a very big God really.  I think it is no wonder that small minded people believe in this God.

They can’t even seem to give some kind of intellectual credit to God.  You would think that maybe a guy with a brain the size of the universe would want to do more than just move the trees around and putting plastic people in puny plastic chairs.  You’d think that maybe God would at least want to do an experiment, see what happens if He sets up the rules of the universe this way or that, and let things run for a few billion years or so.  What’s a few billion years out of eternity?  Wouldn’t it at least be fun to see how things turn out?  At least some people believe that being omniscient doesn’t mean being able to see the future, if so, at least God could amuse Himself by casting out different universes.

But nooooo, that kind of God is just too wild and crazy for a lot of people to believe in.  They want a nice safe God, one they can understand.  Like an old guy puttering around in the basement.  Nothing challenging or thoughtful there.  Just the way they like it.


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