Guardian Angels

Once again the other day listening to Irrelevant Radio and there was a snippet played that was acting as a promo for another show, but it had me laughing so hard that I almost crashed the car.

The clip started with what sounded like a 6 year old boy calling in to ask the host/priest a question.  And the question was a doozy, that is for sure.  Little Timmy (not his real name, I made that up!) asked: “If God is everywhere and knows everything, why do we need guardian angels?”

Remind me to cancel those critical thinking classes in the grade schools!


There was a noticeable pause, perhaps as Father thought, “Damn, this kid is already smarter than most of my parishioners.”  But much like the Grinch dealing with Cindy Lou Who,  Father quickly recovered his bearings.

“Well, God sends guardian angels because he loves you,” Father started, but my laughter drowned out the rest.

That’s right, Timmy, God loves you so much that he sends silent and invisible guardian angels, that are in no way detectable, to watch over you.  And if something bad almost happens, like a car almost hits your Mom’s minivan, you can thank your guardian angel.

Of course if the car hits your Mom’s minivan that is because God wanted you to go the hospital for a week or so.  To rest or get stronger or something happy and positive.  And God also wanted your Mommy to lose so much time at work that she loses her job, maybe to punish her for not being a stay at home mom or using birth control or something.  Sure, He closed a door, but somewhere a window must be open.  Never mind that it is 10 below zero, if God opens a window, you should be pleased.

Be glad for your undetectable angel, Timmy how could God possibly show you more love than to send you something your can’t see, hear or smell and  that makes absolutely no difference in what happens in your life?

Can you say “epicycles?”


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