Just a Little Nugget

Just a little nugget from listening to the radio on the way into work.  A priest was talking when it might be OK to skip mass mentioned that there were ways to avoid spreading illnesses during the kiss of peace (which is actually normally a handshake.)  He then said that his church, “like most churches” has hand sanitizer at the doors and around the church for people to use.

Now to me, the use of hand sanitizer pretty much amounts to a superstition, as I am not convinced it has any effectiveness.  But I find this very interesting behavior for churched people.

You mean to tell me that god can cure cancer, heal strokes and everything else that people pray for, but he can’t prevent the common cold or keep flu from sweeping the parish?

Sort of reminds me of the (apocryphal, I am sure) quote:  “I stopped believing when they starting putting lightning rods on churches.”


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