Yes, it has been a while since I have published anything here, I was forced into a little hiatus.

It all started about five years ago when I went for an eye appointment, a routine one for a new prescription.  As I sat in the chair and was asked again and again if “number one or number two” was “better,” I kept saying the same thing, “They are about the same, and both of them are terrible.”

The optometrist stopped and had me come back another day.  On that other day, he told me that I had a fast growing cataract.  Which actually must not have been that fast growing.  I went the next year, had no trouble telling which was better, “one or two.”  I didn’t think much about it again until about a year ago.

It was then that I started seeing halos around the highway signs and headlights when I drove at night.  It was then, apparently, that the cataracts decided to grow fast.  By early spring, I was having tremendous trouble reading computer screens.  I probably should have stopped driving in May, but stubbornly kept on.  By June I finally got into the eye clinic.  By then I was pretty much legally blind in my right eye, only being able to tell the difference between light and dark, I could not even tell how many fingers were being held up during my eye exam.

Two surgeries a month apart followed and the cataracts removed.  I could now see clearly, but only distance vision.  A computer screen was much too close.  Unfortunately, both my eyes have astigmatism and the prescriptions are somewhat different, so simple reading glasses were only slightly helpful.

A month after my second surgery, I was give my “final prescription” for glasses.  Not being made of money, I ordered glasses from Internet optical companies.  Another few weeks went by.  When I got my glasses, things were not much improved on the computer screen front.  After just a few minutes eye strain and headaches would drive me away.  So, it was back to the eye clinic.

Turned out that in less than two months, my eye prescription had changed.  Now wonder I was having trouble with computer screens.  I have ordered new glasses and I hope that they and the New Year will allow me to spend more than a few minutes at a time looking at a computer screen, and allow a return to writing.  I hope that you will return to reading and commenting as well.


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