It didn’t take too long into my adult life that I started applying my rational and scientific reasoning to the religion that I was raised with (Catholocism). It melted away like frost on a spring morning. Not all at once, and not without leaving some residue.

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I wanted to define myself as being for something rather than opposed, I have chosen to refer to myself as a Humanist rather than an Atheist. One reason is that it seems to me that all that people accomplish is done on their own, whether or not they ascribe their success to God or not. I don’t think God helps us in anyway, therefore we can take all the credit.

Two objections to Humanism/Atheism arise all the time, and I find both of them to be very bogus. One is wondering how there can be any sense of mystery without the supernatural and the second is where does morality come from if not from God. Both of these strawmen have been dealt with many times, so I won’t do so again directly, but it did give me the idea of making a Humanist Devotional, so that will be contained in this blog.

Much like religious devotionals it will contain moments of wonder to reflect on and also various things to meditate on as we go about our lives on this wonderful planet we find ourselves on. I hope you will enjoy both the devotional elements and also the other thoughts that I am sure I will be posting.


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